Anti-discrimination Law and Appeal of Non-governmental Organizations and Religious Groups to Parliament

28 Apr, 2014

On Monday, April 28,, 2014 non-governmental organizations and religious groups will hold a press conference and release a statement regarding the bill on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination.

Up to 40 NGOs and religious associations are critical of the existing version of the bill. They demand that an effective mechanism against discrimination should be considered in the law. NGOs claim that this version of the law will only slightly extend the competences of the Ombudsman, while it will not cause any essential changes to the current legislative in reality and therefore will fail to become an effective tool for combating discrimination. Organizations express their concern about the fact that the fining mechanism against the individuals/public agencies committing discriminatory acts is no longer considered in the bill.   Organizations believe that the adoption of the law without considering a mechanism for fines, which is the principal necessity, will be meaningless.  

Organizations call upon the government to adopt an effective mechanism against discrimination and to consider  the comments and opinions expressed by the major actors and institutions working on human rights issues, including the Ombudsman, NGOs, religious organizations and community organization. 

The second reading of the bill on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination is scheduled for April 29th.

Read the full version of the appeal.