Collection of Stories “Open the Door” Unveiled

4 Feb, 2014

“Open the Door” – This is the name of the collection of stories by Aka Morchiladze, Lasha Bughadze, Davit Gabunia, Gio Mgelade, Dato Turashvili, Erekle Deisadze, Ana Kordzaia-Samadashvili, Anina Tefnadze and Alex Chighvinadze.

The collection of stories was unveiled at the House of Writers on 20 December at 9 p.m.  Writers read extracts from their stories during the event.

The collection of stories is the artistic reflection of Georgian writers about the life of people having health problems.

The writers, patients and human rights advocates met first at Rooms Hotel Kazbegi in Stepantsminda on 2-4 October. 

After the meeting, the writers were given one month to write their stories.

The stories are about palliative care, HIV/Aids, Hepatitis C, autism, Down syndrome, drug addicts, people with limited abilities and people with mental disorders.

The OSGF and writers aimed to make artistic illustration of the topics for the reduction of stigma and promotion of the topics.

Writers for Human Rights is a project that aims to promote patients’ rights and bring their problems to the public through literary texts.

About media events…

„Imedi”, Day Show -the authors: Naniko Khazaradze, Sopiko Narchemashvili, Lasha Bughadze, 18 December 2013;

“Imedi”, Imedi’s Dila, 23 December, 2013;

Rustavi 2,  „Skhva Shuadge”, the author: Dato Turashvili, 23 December, 2013;

Rustavi 2, Courier at 12 o’clock, 21 December, 2013;

First Channel, Moambe at 12 O’clock, 21 December, 2013.