European Integration Vision of the Political Parties

13 Oct, 2020

On October 13, representatives of five political parties presented representatives of embassies and international organizations with their vision regarding Georgia’s EU integration in 2020-2024. The event was organized by the Open Society Foundation.

Parties – participants of elections spoke about the part of their program that concerns the foreign policy, specifically the country’s integration into the European Union. The participants discussed in detail how their parties envision Georgia’s integration into the EU over the next four years and discussed what stages are required and what steps are to be taken by Georgia to become a full member of the EU; how and when the parties see Georgia going through these stages and how the country should prepare for applying for the EU membership.

Meeting participants:

European Georgia – Sergi Kapanadze

National Movement – Salome Samadashvili

Strategy Agmashenebeli – Teona Akubardia

Georgian Dream – Nika Samkharadze

Lelo – Davit Usupashvili