Free Legal Advice For Citizens Whose Labor Rights Are Violated

18 Mar, 2020

We are aware that many employees have lost their jobs or had their right to work violated otherwise. In some cases, the employer has sent employees on forced and unpaid leave. There are also cases when, without the proper legal reasons and justification, the employees had their salary partly or fully deducted or they were forced to violate the terms of self-isolation or to go to work. This is just a small list of possible violations of labor rights.

The Open Society Georgia Foundation invites you to contact our partner organizations – the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association, the Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center and the Professional Solidarity Network – for free legal advice. Within their capacities, the lawyers will tell you about your rights and legal remedies. If necessary, they will help you prepare a claim or other legal documentation.

Contact information:


Solidarity Network – Workers Center – ; 591986787

Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center –