Free psychological assistance services during the Covid-19 pandemic

15 Apr, 2020

In addition to the risk of Covid-19 infection, mental health has recently become no less important. Fear of infection, uncertainty about the future, and fear of the consequences of the economic crisis are causing anxiety and continued stress among a large part of the population, which in some cases can have worse consequences than the infection. This is especially true for the people whose relatives and family members have been affected by the disease. Those responsible for managing the process and the health of the population is also under psychological pressure. Cases of domestic violence in quarantine and isolation have increased, affecting the psychological state of citizens.

From April 14, with the support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation, free psychological services will begin operating for the population of Georgia.

  • Hotline for Psychological Assistance in Crisis – 2 911 000. The population will be provided with urgent assistance by phone by the association “Trust” in cooperation with the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health.
  • Remote psychological services via telephone and video call – services include individual consultations in case of need by means of in-depth and long-term service. The consultation will be conducted via video call or telephone. The population will be served by Synergy Club, working under the auspices of the organization Global Initiative on Psychiatry. Tel: 599 807021; 599 807024.

Providing the population with psycho-educational resources – providing reliable and evidence-based psycho-educational materials to the population. The project will be implemented by the Cognitive-Behavioral Society. The information materials will be published mental health platform Open on Facebook.