Life Chance

1 Apr, 2014

On March 26th, ten vulnerable young people successfully completed a professional education program. The head of the association “Life Chance”, Giorgi Arsenidze awarded them special certificates.

The project of the association on “the Integration of Vulnerable Youth through Employment” was funded by Open Society Georgia Foundation in 2013.

The project was designed with three components:  preparation of a special training program for young people with complex and special needs, their training, employment and social integration.   

Twelve vulnerable young people were selected for the project. Among them were the youth from children’s homes in Ksani, Kojori, Rustavi and Norio, as well as young people from families living under the poverty line.  

Due to a variety of reasons, two of them were not able to continue studying. Ten youths have fully completed the training course on vehicle maintenance and repair.

The curriculum was based on a modern dual system, which consists of theoretical education in parallel with intensive practices.

A one-year course of the theory and practice was implemented in the social enterprise – Auto Life Car Service – established by the Association.

Theoretical seminars were carried out by professors from the Technical University, while the practices have been conducted in Auto Life Car Service under the supervision of professional instructors. In addition, social workers extensively worked with young people, their parents or guardians during the teaching process. It helped them to overcome personal problems and find solutions to conflict situations.

The professional training program was devised by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport of the Technical University of Georgia and Wilhelm Maybach Schule from Germany.

The project partners were CIM Germany and FIB e.V. Germany.

Over the coming months, the graduates will have practice in various auto service centers.

The project will be completed on August 31, 2014.