Open Society Georgia Foundation on Cooperation with Shalva Tadumadze

9 Oct, 2019

During the interviews with candidates of the Supreme Court judges held at the Parliament’s Legal Issues Committee on October 9, Shalva Tadumadze, one of the judicial candidates, noted in response to MP Levan Koberidze’s question that with the status of “a highly-paid lawyer,” he had been involved in the programs financed by Open Society Georgia Foundation and its central office and that his diploma had been no obstacle for cooperation.

Let us emphasize that Shalva Tadumadze had never had either labor or other direct cooperation with the Open Society Georgia Foundation. Thus, he would never have had to present his diploma to the Foundation.

Among hundreds of projects financed by the Foundation during 25 years of its existence in Georgia, Shalva Tadumadze might have been involved in implementing any of them. In such a case, the Foundation never requires diplomas of the persons participating in various projects and trusts their CVs.


Let us remind you that on September 19, Open Society Georgia Foundation submitted detailed profiles of candidates. Shalva Tadumadze’s portfolio was among them.

Our comment – TV Pirveli