OSGF staff will work remotely to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection

5 Mar, 2020

From March 5 to March 23, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and based on the recommendations of the National Center for Disease Control, the office of the Open Society Georgia Foundation will operate in a non-standard regime.

The meetings and public events scheduled at the Foundation within the next two weeks will be canceled. Instead of the consultation meeting scheduled for the last Thursday of March, grant seekers will be able to receive consultations remotely via email/video call or phone (visit this page for information about the consultation).

During this period, the reporting to the grant department by the implementers of the ongoing projects will be conducted electronically. Reports must be submitted after March 23 in the manner stipulated in the contract. For additional information, project implementers should contact the responsible program at the Foundation.

If there is a need to extend this regime beyond March 23, the information will be posted on the same website.

Information about the virus: