First Children’s Hospice in Georgia

26 Jul, 2016
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The hospice is a place where people with the incurable disease get palliative care services. The palliative care is all about improving quality of lives of those who are terminally ill and whose unfortunate fate is already determined.

Children’s hospice is a place (homely atmosphere) specifically designed for the children(0-18) who are not expected to reach adulthood due to an incurable disease. The basic concept of Children’s Hospice is to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, where in addition to caring personnel great importance is attached to the environment and interior.

At the moment when kids and their parents realize that there is no way to cure the disease, palliative care plays a huge role in mitigating psychological, physical, emotional situation. Hospice team tries its best to make kids happy, alleviate pain and help their dreams come true.