Labour and Social Security during the Coronavirus Pandemic

10 Apr, 2020
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The global crisis caused by COVID-19 has taken its toll on the Georgian economy as well and is getting much more acute day by day. Stopping the large share of economic activity is negatively affecting the workers. However, not all of them are affected equally badly. In this connection, it is of paramount importance to analyze which groups in the labor force are bearing the brunt under current circumstances.

The policy document developed with the support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation aims at providing the Government of Georgia (GoG) with recommendations regarding the temporary social protection measures for Georgian workers. These recommendations are based on international practice with the consideration of national labor market peculiarities. Considering that recommendations refer to the crisis period only, they do not imply any major reforms in the national social security system, which require much more time and effort. During the pandemic, the major objective has been to elaborate measures, which could be implemented in a short period of time without much administrative cost. Nevertheless, we cherish the hope that current experiences will prepare the ground for substantial reform of the social protection system in Georgia post-crisis.


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