Social Media for Non-Profits

14 Mar, 2013

The role of social media, the way it works and its effective application in the course of different campaigns, what should we do or what should we avoid, how to get our message across to our audience – relevance of the above questions increases by day for those non-governmental organizations willing to establish relationships with the society and media. 

That was the main topic of the seminar, in particular – capabilities of the social media and its effective application, held for the representatives of NGOs, addressing issues of human rights from the healthcare perspective, on March 5-7 in Kakheti. The training was led by Ms. Tamar Gurchiani, a lawyer and a new media specialist.

During two days, participants of the seminar had an opportunity to deepen their knowledge in those aspects thathelp their organizations gain prominence. 

They got acquainted with such subjects as organization of events by means of Google, use of Twitter, campaign planning and etc.