Social justice

The social justice program will work in three priority directions in 2023:


Labor rights

  • In the area of labor rights, we will continue to support free legal aid for workers who have been wrongfully dismissed or injured in the workplace.

  • With our research component, we will cover the concepts of new forms of work, informal work, and platform economy, and we will try to see the legal challenges faced by the employees in this field and their protection mechanisms. We will support the promotion of women’s labor issues and the return of labor safety issues to the political agenda.

  • We will be working with a particular focus on researching maternity leave pay for women and advocating for the introduction of improved policies in this regard. During this year, we will continue to support our partner alternative trade unions and informal unions of employees, including through the Fair Work Platform.

Urban and Environmental justice

  • This year, the program will delve into and examine administrative decisions against urban and environmental justice and support activist groups fighting for a healthy ecological environment and public spaces in cities and regions.

Proper housing

  • We will also continue our research work on the issues of proper housing and from time to time we will present interesting findings to the public.


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Social justice