National Integration

Promotion of an inclusive society by strengthening civic activism, research, and advocacy, and providing opportunities for ethnic and religious minority groups to voice their concerns and needs.

Rights Protection

  • Capacity building of rights holders to collect data; verify and use information about HR violations; monitor and report on the implementation of the GoG’s HR commitments.

  • Enhance HR knowledge and capacities of civil servants in targeted municipalities through the creation of space for meaningful interaction and dialogue consultations with CSOs, grassroots activists, community leaders, and local media.

Political Participation

  • Structured technical assistance to selected groups to strengthen skills for advocacy and public discussions on matters of high public and political interest.

  • Support local initiatives, particularly women and youth-led, aimed at increased participation and oversight of local political processes.

Migration and Diversity

  • Support studies on the migrants’ relationships with Georgian society, identification of cultural, socio-economic, security, and political challenges, and development of policy recommendations to assist the Government of Georgia in dealing effectively with the refugee and immigrant influx.

  • Support media outlets through targeted grant-making to increase coverage of issues and concerns of minority and disadvantaged citizens and information campaigns on the implementation of Government commitments.

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National Integration