The Civil Society Foundation awards grants to organizations, initiative groups and individuals who share Open Society values and have a clear vision on how their efforts will lead to lasting social change

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The vast majority of our grants constitute open door grants that can be submitted any time throughout the year, outside the announced competitions. We operate national programs focused on human rights, criminal justice, quality journalism and media freedom, public health, participatory democracy, minority integration and EU Integration. We use a combination of grant-making and partnerships to achieve our goals.

Eligibility and process of obtaining funding

  • CSF receives online applications only
  • All non-profit, noncommercial non-governmental organizations, initiative groups, and individuals who are eager to participate in developing open societies and building a democratic state are eligible to apply
  • Georgian citizens having a neutral identification card or a neutral travel document, resident or non-resident non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entity of Georgia, its representation, branch, or department may be a grant recipient
  • It is possible to submit a project even if the organization is already implementing the project funded by CSF. The number of concurrent projects should not exceed three
  • Submitted project proposals are first evaluated by the Expert Commission of a relevant program. Decisions on project financing are made by the Executive Board upon the recommendations of the Expert Commission.
  • In the case of project approval, its implementation shall be launched upon the day of its formalization. Two months needed for project evaluation and approval should be taken into consideration when defining the date of the project launch
  • The project once declined by the Experts Commission and the Executive Board, will not be considered for funding for the current year
  • Before submitting an application you have an opportunity to attend Q & A session with program representatives relevant to your project idea.

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