The City Hall to Launch Bus Adaptation Process

29 Oct, 2012

On October 18, the Movement for Accessible Environment, a public organization, started collecting signatures for the petition that calls for accessibility of public transport for chairbound persons.

In one week organization members and their supporters collected over 4000 signatures and registered the petition in the City Hall on October 23.

Representatives of the organization also met with City Hall Transport Service officials, who noted during the meeting that the City Hall was ready to start the public bus adaptation process.

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Source: Liberali, 25 October 2012

The City Hall Ready for Bus Adaptation

Representatives of the Movement for Accessible Environment have met with Akaki Jokhadze, head of the City Hall Transport Service. 

The City Hall is ready to start the process of adaptation of more than 150 buses.   This process will be joined by persons with disabilities (PWD) either.  In particular, they will provide consultations for the City Hall and shortly submit respective drawings to it.   Access ramps will be made according to these drawings.

Let us remind you that two days ago this organization submitted to the City Hall the petition calling for the adaptation of public transport to the PWD needs.  The petition was signed by 3000 persons.


Movement for Accessible Environment was established more than a year ago by people with spinal cord injuries. Its mission is to advocate for PWD rights to make sure they have equal access to public benefits.  The initiative was supported by the Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF).  The organization received the first grant from the OSGF.