Travelling in the past of the Georgian print media- exhibition dedicated to the World Press Freedom Day

5 May, 2011

From May 2 till May 5, the exhibition hall of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia hosted the exhibition ‘Georgian Print Media – Past and Present‘.  The event, which was supported by the Open Society Georgia Foundation, was dedicated to the World Press Freedom Day.

“We dedicate this event to the Press Freedom day celebrated throughout the world on May 3rd. This is our modest gift for journalists as well as general public interested in the Georgian media. We decided to set up the exhibition to mark the role of our media in the establishment of the Georgian state and to emphasize the values that the Georgian print media embraced over the course of two centuries. In the era of New Media we see digital technologies as a contemporary method for disseminating these values. I hope, visitors will look at the exhibition from this standpoint. Together with the team of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia we plan to turn this exposition into a traveling exhibit to visit other cities of Georgia”- said Hatia Jinjikhadze, Media Program Manager at the Open Society Georgia Foundation.

The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia holds the most comprehensive collection of newspapers and magazines published in the country from 1819 up to date. The exhibition presents over 100 photos and original copies of rare and unique publications such as Kartuli Gazeti, the first Georgian newspaper, H2SO4, publication of a literary movement Blue Horns, the Menshevik and the Soviet press. Some of these periodicals are presented to the public for the first time. The exhibition also highlights political essay writers and public figures who contributed to the development of Georgian journalism.

“This is the first time that the Georgian journalists, scholars or publicists see comprehensive exhibition showcasing major steps and challenges in the development of the Georgian print media. The exhibition tells the story of the Georgian periodicals by providing historical background and political context affecting Georgia’s print media. It also shows diversity in design and printing art”- mentioned Emzar Jgeranaia, the head of Scientific, Cultural and Education department of the National Library.

The exhibition was preceded by presentations about the development of the Georgian press and the history of the development of advertising in the Georgian media.  The exhibition will also offer the electronic catalogue of Georgian newspapers and the digital library of Georgian magazines.

To increase educational impact of the exhibition NPLG hosted public presentations of online catalogues and digital archives of Georgian periodicals. Library scholars also presented a slide show of newspaper advertising from the 20ies of XIX c. to the 90ies of XX c.

The exhibition organized by the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia and the Open Society Georgia Foundation will be open for the public until May 5, 2011.

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