A New Analytical Publication will Initiate Debates about Constitution

1 Mar, 2010

The new analytical publication overviews the essence of constitutionalism and principles of separation of powers, gives the description of constitutional systems of state authority organization worldwide and constitutional process in Georgia starting from 90th till present; overviews president’s legislative authority, the role of political parties in the organization of state authority….. The publication provides analytical assessment of all the above quoted issues and recommendations for the improvement of constitutional system.

“By this publication we aimed at analyzing the constitutional process taking place in Georgia for 20 years. For all this time the matter of constitutionalism conception, principle of separation of powers is still high on the agenda, but there weren’t analyzed so far what type of governance will be more effective for our country, and even the public in general is not aware of the essence of the words we hear for a number of years” – stressed Mr. Vakhtang Khmaladze.

It’s important that publication illustrates not only the one person’s particular position, but provides conclusions, made up by 6 independent experts with discrepant opinions through achieving the consensus on the subject. “As we know, the reform of Constitution is in process in Georgia and thus, a number of individuals endeavor to present their particular conclusion. This publication is more valuable in respect that it is worked out from the sheer unbiased position. There is no share neither of the opinions of the State Constitutional Commission of Georgia, nor of the Civil Initiative for Constitutional Reform or any other independent experts” – stresses Mr. Zaza Rukhadze. 

Recommendations and assessments given in the publication will help political scientists, constitutionalists and civil society representatives to draw proper conclusions in debates about the Constitution, as for the experts, involved in the elaboration process of the Constitution – to reach effective decisions.

“We believe, that this publication will provide a basis for proactive debates in the future that would promote elaboration of a more sophisticated and pursuant to the Georgian reality new edition of the Constitution” – stresses Ms. Keti Khutsishvili, Open Society – Georgia Foundation Executive Director.

Please, find here the full version of the publication.