A Political Poster – The History of Elections in Georgia

13 Sep, 2012

On September 14, at 5:00pm am an exhibition featuring the history of elections in Georgia from 1989 to 2010 will open in the National Library at the Parliament of Georgia. The exhibition will last until October 1.

The key purpose of the exhibition is to introduce to the public the dynamics and peculiarities of political processes in Georgia until 2012 Parliamentary elections and remind people that in a democratic society a political choice of a citizen at all stages of the elections defines to a great extent the future of each voter and the country in a broader sense.

One of the key elements of the exhibition conception is certain “political neutrality”, which implies presentation of election posters of political parties and subjects taking part in all elections held since 1989 proportionally and impartially. None of the political parties will be put into the limelight irrespective of their past and current status. The conception of the exhibition may be described as follows: “Observing political neutrality and representing political diversity”.

The exhibition has been organized by the National Library at Parliament of Georgia with the support from the Open Society Georgia Foundation.