Accessible Environment for Everyone

19 Oct, 2012

The process of collecting signatures for the petition calling for accessibility of public transport for citizens using wheelchairs started today.  The petition was initiated by the Movement for Accessible Environment, a public organization uniting people with spinal cord injuries.

Collecting signatures started at 9 a.m. at the Rustaveli Metro Station.  The process was broadcast live to the audience by Rustavi 2 TV Company.  Citizens also took part in an interactive survey.  They answered the question: “Is it necessary to adapt public transport to the needs of wheelchair users?”

The process of collecting signatures continued at 12 a.m. in the Sheraton Metechi Palace Hotel. During the event Movement for Accessible Environment unveiled the OSGF supported website  .  A documentary film  and new social ad was also presented to the public.

‘We won’t be able to deal with the problem alone. To emphasize once again the importance of being together we called the website (“ertad” means “together” in English), said Giorgi Akhmeteli, head of the Movement for Accessible Environment.

The new internet portal is a unique resource for those that cannot move independently from one place to another.   The website will help people with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities to find each other, plan joint activities and exchange experience.  Moreover it will provide information on the rights of persons with disabilities (PWD), the current legislation and services available for them.

The webpage will also offer to the PWD practical information like video exercises, the rules of using adapted transport, access ramps and other services.

People with a recently acquired disability, their family members and friends will find the internet portal most interesting.  They will be able to view informational interviews, learn about the experience of people with similar problems, their first day in the hospital after the injury, how they managed to deal with their problems and start new life. 

„The information available on the webpage will help the people to become aware of the need to continue active life.  Our goal is to help everybody understand their mission.  The trauma completely changed the way I think.  Initially, I found it rather difficult to get used to the fact that I would never walk again…”, says Giorgi Akhmeteli.  “Currently just a small group is active.  We would like to make the people active and encourage those who think that the public will not accept them to come out of their homes.  We have a great force and can change a lot of things together”, he said.  


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