Book Presentation “Women and Men – the real stories”

29 Jan, 2010


The Publication aims at promoting cultural and peaceful dialogue in south Caucasus, as well as development of civil society. Correspondingly, the heroes of the book are Georgian, Azeri, Armenian, Abkhazian, Karabakhi, Ossetian women and men. The publication is the third volume from the series “The Real Stories”.

“Audio diary” first was launched on BBC in the beginning of 90ies. Later this project travelled around the world. In 2002-2006 the project “The real stories” was aired on radio as “Audio-diary”. Initially “Audio-diary” was considered a pilot project in south Caucasus and Georgian and Abkhazian journalists participated in it; they were colleting oral stories from their country people. Four years after the emergence of idea of collecting oral stories, more than 1800 audio diaries were collected which were transmitted on Georgian and Abkhazian radio-stations, as well as Russian radio and via BBC.

This volume is unique for its content of 12 audio CDs which contain the stories given in the book.


Nino Kiknavelidze
Arts and Culture Network Program