Caring for patients with spinal injuries

1 Apr, 2013

On March 11 Merces launched a series of workshops for nurses.  The workshop focuses on taking care of patients with spinal cord injuries.  40 employees of four leading Tbilisi clinics are taking part in the workshop.  The training course is held for four groups with each group containing 10 nurses.

The lectures will be delivered by former patients and professional doctors.  They will update trainees on international standards and modern approaches to the management of the condition of patients with spinal cord injuries.  They will provide trainees with theoretical material and share practical experience with them.

The process will last for one month.

Merces also plans to create a Sunday club, which will bring together people with spinal cord injuries and their family members.  They will plan different civil initiatives, share their personal experience with each other and take part in group therapies.