Children of orphanages give interesting performance and grant gifts to guest. More about...

28 Jan, 2010


On March 13, 2008, performance “Tale of Supra” was given at orphan’s rehabilitation centre “House of future” within the framework of the grant project “Berlius” funded by Open Society Georgia Foundation Integration and Civil Education Program.

Children from “The house of future” put on a performance. A concert was given afterwards with participation of children from other orphanages in Georgia.

 After the concert awards were granted to participants. Within the project various clubs are set up at The house of future where children have opportunity to master art of photography, information-communication technologies, and modern dances. The photo exhibition organized at The House of Future contained exactly the arts studied in clubs.

After the concert the children themselves hosted the guests demonstrating that these children are not only receiving assistance themselves but are ready to play active role in assisting other.

The young people of The house of Future are actively involved in club activities as instructors and leaders in order to share newly acquired knowledge and skills with children from other orphanages as well as those in need of special care.




Giga Zedania
Integration and Civic Education Program