Cinema Comuna Films beyond the Country’s Borders

29 Jun, 2012

Cinema Comuna  is a project supported by Arts and Culture Network Program of the Open Society Foundations. It has been implemented by Studio Third Sector.

Cinema Comuna  is a unique project for young adults and kids, who make documentaries, feature films and prepare media materials. Around 50 young adults have taken part in the project.   They have made 5 documentaries, 6 short films and several TV reports.

Two  works of young adults – a short film The Doll – and a documentary With 33rd Lamp Post  took part in the Children’s Film festival Golden Butterfly. The authors of the films were handed over special diplomas and prizes.

The films also drew interest of Dutch partners of the Studio Third Sector. They plan to translate The Doll in English and show it in the Netherlands to partner organizations and broadcast by local TV.

After the project implementation, the Studio Third Sector will keep on making documentaries and social ads on human rights, freedom of speech, society and democracy.


Watch The Doll (availble in Georgian)


Watch With 33rd Lamp Post (availble in Georgian)