Coalition for Human Rights in HealthCare Appeal to the authorities and society

24 Sep, 2012

We, the members of Coalition “Human Rights in HealthCare”, which unites doctors, lawyers, economists, sociologies, psychologists, teachers and people of other professions, condemn the practice of torture and inhumane treatment within the penitentiary system.

We demand that all the necessary measures be taken to eliminate torture of prisoners, and to protect and secure human rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of Georgia and by the international acts.

We consider that the Civic Commission and the Staff of the Public Defender should make all efforts to uncover torture, inhumane treatment and other facts of degrading treatment within the penitentiary system of Georgia, also to conduct a wide-scale and detailed investigation, identify criminals and punish them in accordance with legal requirements.

Besides, we call on all the doctors and other medical personnel, also all the people working within the penitentiary system, to refuse to participate in or to attend the torture of prisoners, and to provide information to the public about the torture of prisoners, inhuman treatment and other facts of degrading treatment.

We, the coalition member organizations are ready to provide medical, psychological and legal assistance to the families affected by torture.

Association “Right to Health”

Centre for Psychosocial and Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims

Georgian Association for Psychosocial Aid “Ndoba”

Union “Partnership for Equal Rights

Foundation “Global Initiative on Psychiatry”

Union “New Vector”

Society for studying the legal issues on bioethics and health care legal issues of Georgia

Georgian Alliance for Patient Safety    

Non-governmental organizations condemn the practice of torture and inhumane treatment at the penitentiary system, and demand immediate investigation and prosecution of the crimes, and holding responsible persons politically liable.