Coalition for Media Advocacy Issues Statement on Methods Applied against Global TV

25 Jun, 2012

Coalition for Media Advocacy believes that methods applied against Global TV restricts media pluralism.  Please see the statement, the text of which is provided without any alterations:

On June 21, 2012, the court ordered to seize the technical facilities of Global Consulting Ltd.  for carrying TV stations.

TV media outlets are the major source of information for citizens of Georgia.  Moreover, the rights to receive and disseminate information are protected by the Georgian Constitution.  Therefore, any restriction that may have an adverse impact on the freedom of expression must be based on strong legal arguments and shall be prompted by extreme necessity.

We believe that the court order on impounding the property of Global Consulting Ltd. is devoid of any legal grounds, has clear signs of disproportionate approach to the media and hinders the development of media pluralism in the country.  We think that this decision will have a major negative impact on the access to information in the country and will expose democratic processes to a significant risk.

We call on the government of Georgia to allow Global Consulting Ltd. to resume broadcast transit immediately and refrain from interfering in any form in the media.