Collecting signatures on the petition demanding election related legislative changes

15 Feb, 2012

Non-governmental and media organizations working on the election issues launched a civil society Campaign – ‘This Affects You Too’ demanding to change the election legislation.

The petition together with the package of Legislative Proposal were developed within the framework of the Campaign, which are to be presented to the general public on February 16, and submitted to the Parliament the day after.

The Ceremony of collecting signatures on the Petition, together with the introduction of the Legislative Proposal, will take place on February 16 (Thursday) at 12pm at the Ballroom of the Courtyard Marriott Hotel.

Signatures to the Petition are open for non-governmental organizations, media representatives, experts and ordinary citizens, who do not represent interests of any political subjects.

Organizations who do not wish to sign the Petition are welcome to attend the Ceremony as well.