Communication with Local Governments, Youth Mobilization and Debate Clubs – Czech Experience

6 Jul, 2012

Communication with local governments, youth mobilization and operation of debate clubs are familiar topics for the Czech Republic. To share experience gained for years Czech NGO Agora Central Europe visited Georgia last week. On June 28, Ivana Bursikova and Vojtech Cerny, representatives of the Czech organization, met with Georgian NGO representatives. The topics of interest were negotiated before the visit.

The meeting was held in the training center of the Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF). Around 10 representatives from different organizations attended the meeting. In particular, the following organizations took part in the meeting: the Institute for the Study of Nationalism and Conflict, Sinergia Network, the Center for Civil Society Research and Development, Education for Democracy, Anika Association, the Institute of Debates and Education of Georgia, Kutaisi Education, Development and Employment Center.

During the meeting the guests shared with trainees methods of communication between local governments and the public, including the so-called “7 steps of public involvement”, which consists of several phases starting from the creation of a program and ending with its implementation.

The meeting was held as part of the East East Beyond Borders Program of the Open Society Foundations.


Agora Central Europe civic association was founded in 1998. The key aim of the association is to support democratic processes in the Czech Republic. It also aims to improve communication and cooperation between the local government and citizens, increase the standard of political culture through encouraging citizens’ involvement in public activities, raise civil awareness of young people etc.
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