Conflict of Interest Detector – New Website Launched

5 Jun, 2012

On June 2012, a new web page was launched  for journalists engaged in investigative journalism and other interested citizens.  The database available on the web page, contains information about public officials, their relations and businesses.

The conflict of interest detector is a new device that is installed on the database.  It will help journalists save their energy while working on some material.  The detector will prove most helpful in the process of journalistic investigations.  It is easy to search materials on the web page.  By means of original algorithm this new device makes it possible to identify social and business links that have remained unnoticed to date.  On May 1, the project authors will teach journalists how to use the web page.

What was the reason that led to the development of the web page, who is it for, whom will it help in the working process? See a brief video, in which the authors and journalists are talking about the importance of this new resource.