December 2-5 – Margaret Mead days in Tbilisi

29 Jan, 2010


Today, Georgia-2009 Margaret Mead Documentary Festival has been opened in Amirani Cinema Amarcord Hal. The Festival has been organizied by SakDocFilm with the support of Arts and Culture Network Program of Open Society Institute and in cooperation with New-York Margaret Mead Festival.

The first day has been opened by the director of Margaret Mead Festival, Ms. Ariella Ben-Dov who specifically arrived from New-York to attend the event in Tbilisi. She informed the audience about the idea behind the festival, its goals and the person of the anthropologist Margaret Mead.

5 documentaries made by directors from Great Britain, China, Cameroon, USA and Israel will be demonstrated. Problems and perspectives posed before the audience are quite pressing; hot spots, rights of children, women and people with limited abilities are the main theme of the year. The event is of interactive nature. For the closing day of the festival thematic discussion is planned that should ensure involvement of the wide audience in the course of the events.  

This year, the festival has been initially opened on September 25, in Batumi, whence it moved on to Karaleti. Today is the first day of the festival in Tbilisi.

Information on Margaret Mead Festival:

Margaret Mead yearly video and film documentaries festival is the longest running road show in United States of America. The festival has been founded in 1977 by the Museum of Natural Science of America to celebrate 75th birthday of the anthropologist Margaret Mead and 50th anniversary of her working with the Museum. The task of the Organizational Committee of the Festival is to carry out the goal set by Ms Mead that provides for active involvement of the society in the cultural debates. The festival united already internationally well known directors and the rookies.


Nino Kiknavelidze
Civil Society Support Program