Development Induced Involuntary Resettlement

19 Dec, 2012

On November 26th, Association Green Alternative presented a report on “Development Induced Involuntary Resettlement; Modern Approaches and Georgia’s Challenges”.

The report is related to involuntary displacement of people associated with loss of their houses and shelter, land, income sources etc.  caused by development projects (e.g. road construction, large-scale infrastructure projects etc.)

Cases, when involuntarily displaced people are deprived of not only their property but are also left without any compensation, are quite frequent in Georgia.  There is no single approach or strategy in place which would allow carrying out the process of resettlement the way that those involuntarily displaced would be provided an adequate housing or compensation.

The study also includes an analysis of standards and approaches of international organizations on involuntary resettlement issues. Association Green Alternative calls on Government of Georgia to develop a state policy of development induced involuntary resettlement that will fully comply with international standards and will ensure protection of property rights.

The report was prepared within the framework of joint project financed by Open Society – Georgia Foundation, which aims at promotion of protection of property rights in Georgia.  

Annual Report (available in Georgian)