Discussions about Health Care System with Journalists

19 Nov, 2012


On 24-27 October, the Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF) held a training course for journalists – ‘Human Right, Health Care and Media’.  The training course was initiated and organized by the OSGF.

More than 15 journalists from different media outlets took part in the training course.

‘Change of the government has prompted live discussions on new governmental plans, including a new approach to the health care system reforms. Consequently, journalists have become more interested in details of health care and social issues.  This has led us to decide on holding a comprehensive training course on the topics of their interest.  They should be aware of the issue to ask qualified questions and provide high level coverage of the topic”, says Nino Kiknadze, an OSGF representative.

Experts invited to the training courses, David Gzirishvili, Amiran Gamkrelidze and Givi Javashvili presented details of the organization of the social and the health care systems, human rights in health care, they talked about the evolution of the social and the health care systems bringing the example of Georgia, global health trends in the 21st century, patients’ rights, palliative care and their own views as to what kind of the health care system Georgia should have.  

One of the participants of the training course, David Liklikadze, a correspondent of the Kutaisi office of the Interpresnews agency says: ‘We, journalists living in regions do not really have the luxury of meeting the experts that we have met at this training course. Apart from the fact that we should be well aware of the topic we write about, we often encounter a problem with finding a reliable respondent is different fields.   I think this training course was a good opportunity for us to strengthen these contacts, so that tomorrow we will be able to write on health topics better.   I think that education is a continuing process and if I am involved in this process, I will never fail to keep my professional knowledge up-to-date “.


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