Discussions around the issues of Mass Media…

29 Jan, 2010

Events developed in November 2007 may serve as the new starting point to Georgian Mass Media. To accomplish this purpose a meeting was to be held, the problems and errors accumulated in Mass Media during recent years were to be assessed. Solution to the critical situation – distrust towards Mass Media, government and unacceptable attitude established within the Mass Media – was to be sought…

To achieve this aim, one day conference was organized with participation of representatives of Mass Media, governmental and NGO sector. The first part of the conference was devoted to the situational analysis of the last 4 years in Mass Media (problems and causes), the second part concerned new forms of relations, elaboration of common standards and discussions of self-regulatory mechanisms.


“Discussions around the issues of Mass Media”


Material was provided by Irakli Tsertsvadze

Civil Society and Media Support Program Coordination
Open Society Georgia Foundation