Eurasian Union - A Threat on the Way to the Integration to Europe

1 Oct, 2013


On September 30, Tbilisi Marriot Hotel hosted a conference “Eurasian Union – A Threat on the Way to the Integration to Europe” during which NGOs made a statement in response to Russia’s increasing pressure on the Eastern Partnership states, which has especially grown in the run-up to the Vilnius Summit.

Conference participants evaluated Georgia’s foreign policy and considered ways to avoid Russian pressure. 

In the context of this pressure Armenian President Serg Sarkisyan suddenly abandoned plans to integrate with the European Union and decided to join Russia-initiated customs union.  EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele said that joining the customs union is not compatible with the commitments undertaken through the Association Agreement with the EU.  It has become apparent that each Eastern Partnership country has to opt for customs union or EU integration.

Over fifty NGOs signed the statement:


September 30, 2013


Eastern Partnership Civil Society Georgian National Platform welcomes the historic prospects of that Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius 2013 for Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova to sign or initialling the Association Agreements with the European Union.

We would like to also welcome the possibilities for rapid signature for Association Agreement between Georgia and EU, as it was recently stressed by high level Georgian and EU officials, that would ensure the broader and deep relations with EU, that would go well beyond merely economic benefits towards establishment of stable and democratic political system and institutions, support development of civil society.

However, we are clearly concerned with the constant political and economic  pressure exercised by Russian Federation towards Eastern Partnership countries that becomes vivid with sudden decision by Serj Sargasyan, President of the Republic of Armenia, to join the Russian sponsored Customs Union, as well as ongoing statements that Eurasian Economic Union project and DCFTA negotiated with EaP countries is compatible with each other. The increased pressure of Russian Federation military in South Ossetia, through constructing insurmountable barriers  dividing families and private and communal properties,  impeding freedom of movement has been intensified since May 2013, is one of the most example of Russia’s pressure on Georgia.

In line with Commissioner Fule statement we want to stress that “any threats from Russia linked to the possible signing of agreements with the European Union are unacceptable” and Russia should respect sovereign decisions of EaP countries.

From Georgian perspective it’s not only about AA/DCFTA but about Russia’s pressure to oppose Georgia’s future integration with EU, strengthen the rule of law and human rights protection, reduce corruption, establish the democratic institution and ensure peaceful resolution of Georgia’s ethnic conflicts. Therefore there is much more than just signing AA and  free trade agreements, its about the long term security of Georgia, that wants to escape from its Soviet past and earned the  right to a happy European  future.

From another side, the Russian Federation that presses the EaP countries to join the Customs Union that is not based on democratic values or conditionalities and therefore cannot be considered as an incentive to domestic reforms.   

Georgian National Platform expresses its solidarity to the Armenian National Platform and hopes that with joint efforts we will ensure the European perspectives to the Republic of Armenia.

Furthermore, we call:

  • The European Union to reaffirm its strong support for the initialling Georgia EU Association Agreements at the Vilnius Summit
  • The government of Georgia to openly state and intensify the work with EU and MS in order to stimulate the AA/DCFTA signature process by the end of the spring 2014 and later on its rapid ratification.
  • The European Commission, European Parliament and MS to exercise all existing tools in order to ensure entering into force the EU Georgia Association Agreement as soon as possible in order to start implementation of the agreement; to support acceleration of a visa liberalization process
  • The European Union to apply their leverages towards Russia’s pressure regarding the EaP countries and come forward with concrete, effective measures to support the EaP partner countries and their populations.



The signatory organizations:

1.      Association “Green Alternative” 

2.      Open Society Georgia Foundation 

3.      Liberal Academy Tbilisi

4.      Georgia Press Association

5.      Transparency International Georgia

6.      Friedrich Ebert Stiftung 

7.      Public Advocacy

8.      Healthy World

9.      Studio “Re”  

10.  Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies 

11.  Institute for Development of Freedom of Information

12.  International Centre of Geopolitical research

13.  IDP Association “Consent” 

14.  Caucasus Environmental NGO network

15.  Youth Alternative

16.  Free University Georgia

17.  Youth Association “Droni”

18.  Energy Efficiency Centre Georgia

19.  Energy Efficiency Foundation 

20.  The Centre for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia 

21.  European Integration Forum

22.  Georgia International Development Agency

23.  Foundation “Caucasus Environment”

24.  Association DEA for Disabled Women and Mothers of Disabled Children

25.  Association “Woman and Busines

26.  Association European Studies for the Innovative Development of Georgia

27.  Georgian Association of Regional Broadcasters

28.  World Experience for Georgia

29.  The Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development

30.  -Caucasus Institute for Economic and Social Research

31.  International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy

32.  Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association

33.  Foundation “Multi- Ethnic Resource Centre on Civic Education Development”

34.  Repatriates’ Union

35.  International Press Institute

36.  Women Enterprise Fund

37.  Georgian Civil Development Association

38.  Association for Bio-Farming “Elkana”

39.  Association “Atinati”

40.  Fund “Sukhumi”

41.  The Greens Movement of Georgia

42.  Samtskhe-Javakheti Regional Association “Toleranti”

43.  Association for the Farmers’ Rights Defence

44.  Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Georgian National Committee

45.  Teachers’ Union “Education and Universe”

46.  Student Youth Council

47.  Peaceful and Business Caucasus

48.  International Organization of Human Rights protection and Prisoners social welfare

49.  “School-Family-Society” Association

50.  Caucasian House Georgia

51.  International Business and Economic Development Centre

52.  International Society “Caucasian Mosaic”

53.  United Public Movement “Multinational Georgia”

54.  Georgian Trade Union Confederation

55.  Green Wave