Everyone willing to assist the IDPs!

28 Jan, 2010


Everyone willing to assist the IDPs may address the office of Open Society Georgia Foundation! 

Please, refer to hotline of Open Society Georgia Foundation which collects information about the needs for humanitarian support to IDPs.The data base is being set up on the basis of received information. This will promote coordinated support to IDPs. For this purpose, please provide us with the information you hold about the location and exact needs of IDPs.

Further, in case of your will and ability to assist IDPs in any form (physically or financially), please, refer the same hotline and we will provide you with exact information and address for assistance to IDPs.


Open society Georgia Foundation hotline:

Office: 25 05 92;  25 05 93;
Fax:(+995 32) 29 10 52
Cell phones (24 hours):
8 77 47 11 63 Tiko Tushishvili
8 99 50 84 73 Nino Kiknadze