Extraordinary Exposition in Open Gallery

2 Mar, 2012

On February 15, quite an innovative exposition opened in Open Gallery. The name of the exhibition, which presents dystopian ideas with the use of architectural tools, is ‘Methodology, Fragments and Absurdities in Architecture’.

Five projects presented at the exhibition (1. ‘Systems’ 2. ‘Endless House’ 3. ‘Planning Deformation’ 4. ‘Hologram City’ 5. ‘Striving for the Horizon’.) reflect the three notions expressed above.

The Methodology notion is presented by the projects: ‘Systems’ and ‘Planned Deformation’, which reflect different approaches to architectural projects.

‘Absurdities’ incorporates two projects: ‘Endless City’ and ‘Striving for the Horizon’. They reflect absurd circumstances in architectural design and location of dwelling houses.

The exhibition reflects the architectural problems in the world, in particular, in Georgia.

 The authors of the exhibition are Dimitri Eristavi, Lado Shonia and Levan Abramishvili.

The authors of the exhibition would especially like to thank Tornike Abuladze, Likuna Keidia and Tato Oikashvili.

Architectural Protest – “Tabula” magazine about the exhibition, 21 February, the author: Keto Giorgobiani.