First Georgian Blog Index

29 Jan, 2010, the first index and aggregator of Georgian blogs has been presented today to audience gathered in the Open Society – Georgia Foundation Offices by professional Georgian bloggers. 

This unique collection will ease communication between Georgian bloggers and their readers and will help new bloggers-to-be to find their whereabouts in this part of virtual space.  

What are the properties of the index, what are its advantages, how it is distinguished, where can it compete with leading search engines and what new features are to be implemented further on – these topics have been covered today by the developers of the index.  

‘This index may prove even more useful than Google for someone looking for Georgian blogs since this directory is more efficient in identifying Georgian blogs, those that may even be skipped over by Google’ – remarks Mr. Nodar Davituri (Rocko). 

Development of Blog Index, along with New Media Forum conducted in October, is part of the Media Support Program of the Foundation. Through informing wider circles of society about resources of Internet-media of civil journalism, through support of media development initiatives, Foundation is helping along development of free media.