Foundation supports economic strengthening of village women

27 Jan, 2010

Project “Economic strengthening of village women” which was jointly implemented by Open Society Georgia foundation Economic Development program and its branch organization “foundation Taso” constituted the part of long term, successive activity. It aimed at making village women more active in Georgia; promoting women’s small enterprise; professional training of beginner women entrepreneurs in the field of small enterprise management.
The characteristics of the project “Economic strengthening of village women” was that for development of small business, the beginner women entrepreneurs underwent necessary professional training after they had already obtained support for their business. Proceeding from this, the training course which they attended was focused on practical experience and skills necessary for managing small enterprise.
40 women from various regions of Georgia participated in this project. They attended five day training at CTC- Centre For Trainings and Consultancy.

the study program “Basics for business administration” included fundamental topics for beginner entrepreneurs: understanding of business by entrepreneur, essence of small and medium enterprise, market study; definition of product/service, marketing communication, distribution and mediators; pricing, organizing business and managing work processes, incomes, expenses and planning profit; planning balance, money circulation and budget, simple ways of assessing investment, business plan samples, forms of business organizations, issues foreseen in  tax legislation.

The participants were awarded certificates after completion.
Presentation held upon closing the project was attended by organizers, participants and other guest.
A documentary film taken by the staff of foundation Taso was shown at the presentation; it reflected all stages of the project starting from participant selection to granting certificates. Project participants introduced the audience with their ideas – private small business.