Georgia hosts First International Conference and First Social Innovation Camp Caucasus

7 Apr, 2010

On April 9, 10:00 AM, the first “Social Innovation Camp Caucasus” and the first International Conference “Social Media for Social Change” will be launched officially in Merab Berdzenishvili International Cultural Center “Muza” (Turtle Lake road, on the right side).

During two days, April 9 and 10, the representatives of leading innovation technology companies, web designers, university professors, representatives of non-governmental and governmental organizations, journalists and bloggers from the United States, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Europe will share their experience on the issues like: social media as the social changes’ accelerator; civic journalism; the role of traditional and untraditional media in transitional democracy countries; blogging and etc.

The “Social Innovation Camp” will take place in parallel to the conference on April 9 in the same building and will gather web designers, experienced journalists, marketing specialists and NGO representatives from Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia.

The Social Innovation Camp was held for the first time in London in 2007 and in Bratislava in September, 2009. The author of this idea, the new media specialist Mr. Dan McQuillan from Great Britain will be joining the Social Innovation Camp in Georgia together with other European experts of this field.

The Camp participants are well familiar with the country’s social needs and have the ideas that can help solving the social challenges by using digital tools.  During the 48 hours spent in the Camp the participants will have the opportunity to transform these ideas into web-based innovations. The authors of the winner ideas will be awarded prizes and thus will have a chance to turn their project into reality after the Camp. Topics of the ideas can be elections monitoring, aid to vulnerable, recording cases of Human Rights violations,

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Here you can view the event agenda.