Georgian Translation of Melvin Mencher’s “News Reporting and Writing” Unveiled to the Public

7 Feb, 2014

On 4 February the Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF) and the Diogene Publishing House unveiled to the public the Georgian translation of Melvin Mencher’s “News Reporting and Writing”, a workbook for journalists, at Frontline Club.

The workbook is designed for both students and people already working as journalists.

The workbook deals with modern journalistic approaches, basic academic concepts and theories.  It is focused on students and covers completely all the issues journalist should take into account in news reporting.

The book contains a number of terms not used in the Georgian language.  As there was no similar workbook available in the Georgian language, the need for the definition of the terms arose, therefore a group of experts had been created.

Melvin Mencher’s workbook is used in over 100 higher educational institutions. The book has been published in the Georgian language for the twelfth time, which points to its quality and topicality. The book was translated in the Georgian language by Lasha Gvelesiani.

The book will be handed over for fee to students of the faculties of journalism both in Tbilisi and regions, as well as to libraries, regional information centers, the Multimedia Education Center etc.  

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1st Channel, Moambe at 12 o’clock, 5.02.2014