I Am Back – Rehabilitation through art therapy

14 Nov, 2013

Back to home by a ship “Kamara”

“These people are genius, possessing the most brilliant talents and I am so glad that we help them to realize themselves. Their spiritual state, the joy of life, desire to rejoin the society and most importantly, their ability of creating have been recovered. It may seem  incredible but none of them have painted ever and more over, they have never tried to work with other materials until they joined our art therapy group”- says Natia Panjikidze, the founder of the psycho – social rehabilitation center “Kamara”, working with former  drug addicts. The rehabilitation center “Kamara” provides qualified aid  for their full social integration.

On November 10th, members of the rehabilitation center “Kamara” exhibited their works at Expo Georgia Fairground. Sculptures, paintings, enamel wares, stamping and other works have been created during the art therapy. The context of each work  is influenced by the art therapy. Therefore, all of them are conceptual.

The exhibition has exceeded all expectations of visitors.

“These works are amazing. They give rise to totally unconscious emotions” – says Maia Shishniashvili, a visitor of the exhibition.

“I Am Back” – the name of the exhibition exactly reflects the aim of the rehabilitation center.

“What is the point of coming back if no one is waiting for you to say how important you are and that there is a place for you in our society? I want to thank you for being with us and caring and sharing our thoughts. It means the world to ‘Kamarians.” (as members of Kamara call themselves)- That’s how Natia Panjikidze addressed the visitors of the exhibition.

About Kamara

In October 2011, the non-governmental organization “Kamara” was established with a financial support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation. It’s goal is not only  to get its patients off drugs but also to help them recover from addiction through art and other types of therapy.   

This rehabilitation program is a “school of life”, where the patients learn how to feel themselves happy and satisfied without using substances.

Psycho-social rehabilitation center “Kamara” was founded and is still operating with the support of Open Society Georgia Foundation.