Local Context and the Role of Curators in Contemporary Art

26 Sep, 2012



On September 28, Open Gallery will host the workshop for curators on Local Context and the Role of Curators in Contemporary Art-“Professional ID “.

The project is initiated by the organization TRAM in cooperation with the TASWIR project with the support from the Goethe Institute.

The project aims to establish a platform for artistic and intellectual activists, to create ideas and support collaboration between curators in Georgia and other countries. The project hosts a presentation of the imaginary institute TASWIR and dwells on the agenda of curators and other creative agents who are working in and out of Georgia. The project envisions future collaborations between members of the seminar, using synergies and developing institutional ties within the international community of artistic and intellectual production. During the week-long seminar in Telavi and Batumi, the project partners will exchange experiences and share their visions how to invent new infrastructures of artistic knowledge both on- and offline, in and out of local contexts. Towards the end of the seminar, a concluding evaluation and public presentation will be held at the Goethe Institute in Tbilisi.

Here you can see the detailed project description and agenda.