Media Advocacy Coalition offers legal assistance to the journalists – victims of July 5

6 Jul, 2021

July 5 was the hardest day in the history of Georgia on the path of democratic development and European integration. We have witnessed organized violent attacks on media representatives, passers-by, for the protection of whom the state has done nothing. Moreover, a large number of protesters against the “March of Dignity” was claimed as justification for the police inaction.

Representatives of the media are inviolable in a democratic society. Conversely, their critical voice is punished and suppressed in autocratic states.

We express our gratitude to each and every journalist who serves their profession with dedication and commitment and who risks their lives to share the truth and information about the events they witness with the public.

The Media Advocacy Coalition will provide assistance in restoring justice to all the affected journalists. The Media Advocacy Coalition will operate a Media Legal Aid hotline: 555 795 776.

The Open Society Georgia Foundation is a member organization of the Coalition.