Media Advocacy Coalition Statement Concerning Rustavi 2

10 Aug, 2015

August 7, 2015

Media Advocacy Coalition is closely watching situation evolving around Rustavi 2.  Reportedly, one of the broadcaster’s former owners appealed to the court to restore his ownership rights. Yesterday, Enforcement Bureau seized part of the broadcasting company’s property and today, movable and immovable property and shares of the broadcaster’s partners have been seized as well.

This process was preceded by statements and actions made by government officials, namely, areas were not allocated for the concerts scheduled in different cities of Georgia by Rustavi 2 and thus the company was prevented from holding a concert.

Despite the fact that dispute over Rustavi 2 is a private legal dispute above mentioned facts and situation around the broadcaster raises many questions.

Free media and its sustainable development is an important objective of a democratic state. Therefore, Media Advocacy Coalition appeals to the parties involved in the process to ensure maximum openness of information and give public the opportunity to make an objective assessment. Smooth operation of the broadcasting company should not be hindered as well.