Media Center -info hub on elections

9 Oct, 2012

On the Election Day, OSGF supported Media Center was one of the central spaces letting journalists and general public receive latest updates from election observing NGOs. Media Center was a highly credible source for both local and international journalists from leading international publishers like The Guardian, Economist, Washington Post, Financial Times, Weekly Standard and others.

Richard Norland, the US Ambassador together with Pieter Jan Langenberg, the Dutch Ambassador was one of the first who visited the Media Centre on the Election Day. More than 10 observing NGOs have been reporting in every half an hour on violations exposed at different polling stations and evaluating the vote counting process. NGO mapping of violations by precincts is published on the

Statements were made by Young Lawyers’ Association, Multinational Georgia, Transparency International Georgia, International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy, The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics and ‘Civil Monitoring over Must-Carry Operation’ Project, Coalition for Freedom of Choice, Coalition for Civil Development, Human Rights Center, Community Development Association

The Center operates until the publication of final results.