Media coverage-2010 Evaluation of the European Neighborhood Policy EU-Georgia’s Action Plan Implementation

18 Mar, 2011


Radio “Tavisupleba” (Radio Free) -March 17, 2011. Eka Siradze-Delone together with Nino Gelashvili and Niko Nergadze from the studio.

Radio “Tavisupleba” (Radio Free) -March 15, 2011. Manana Kochladze together with Nino Gelashvili and Niko Nergadze from the studio.

TV Kavkasia, News program “Today” TV Maestro, News program
(Comments available in English)

Do we live in Neobolshevic State?- French Embassador to Georgia Eric Fournier comments on the report. Internet


Print and Internet Media

Eric Fournier, First Cycle in Chain Reaction– “Georgian Journal”, March 24-30, 2011.(Available in English)

One step forward and two steps backward,, March 14, 2011. (Available in English)

”OSGF presents 2010 evaluation of ENP EU-Georgia Action Plan implementation” – Newspaper “The Messenger”, English  language daily. (Available in English.)“Obligations of the Europe’s Neighbor” – Newspaper “24 Saati”, Author: Magda Lekiashvili;(Available in Georgian.)

”Georgia has strayed from the path prompted by the European Neighborhood Policy” –1 page, 2 page, Newspaper “Sakartvelos Respublika”; Author: Thea Mosia. (Available in Georgian.)

”Following steps towards modernization but not towards the democracy” – Newspaper “Resonance Daily”, Author: Giorgi Putkaradze; (Available in Georgian.)

European neighborhood policy in Georgia, Online version of the newspaper “Liberal”; Author: Maia Tsiklauri, March 15, 2011; (Available in Georgian.)

Issue of Independence of Judicial Branch Remains Problem, News Agency “Medianews”; March 15, 2011; (Available in Georgian.)

“Open Society Georgia Foundation’s Presentation on Meeting Committments under ENP Action Plan”-News Agency “Interpressnews”, March 18, 2011; (Available in Georgian.)

“The presentation on fulfillment of Georgia’s obligations under ENP Activity Plan”, News Agency GHN, March 15, 2011;

“Worsened trends in obtaining public information”- News Agency “Medianews”, March 15, 2011; (Available in Georgian.)

“How does Georgia meet committments under ENP Activity Plan”,, March 16, 2011; (Available in Georgian.)