Media Monitoring during the Election Campaign

25 Apr, 2012

The Civil Development Institute has launched media monitoring with the support from the Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF) to find out the extent to which the information provided by TV companies complies with information priorities of the public during the election campaign. 

The Civil Development Institute will monitor 7 TV companies from April to October 2012 and report on the most intensively covered topics by each TV company every two weeks.

The results of the first two weeks of the monitoring that covers the period from April 2 through April 12 were published on April 23. The report just describes obtained results.   In-depth analysis will be provided later, after the collection of information for a longer period.

Moreover, an opinion poll, in which 400 respondents were involved (face-to-face interview), was conducted in Tbilisi on April 18-21.   The opinion poll, ordered by the Institute of Social Studies and Analysis (ISSA), identified those issues about which the respondents would wish to get information from the media.

Monitoring results are available at Civil Development Institute webpage.