Natural Resource Management and Factors Conducive to Elite Corruption

19 May, 2015

On May 19, Green Alternative and Open Society Georgia Foundation released survey report on the detection of cases of elite corruption in the environmental field.

The major goal of the report – “Natural Resource Management and Factors Conducive to Elite Corruption” was to detect the cases of elite corruption and governmental pressure on business. The document incorporates the results of three surveys conducted in 2011-2014 on the activities of the companies related to the acquisition of non-ferrous metals; energy projects and hunting of endangered animals.

The surveys revealed a number of systemic problems that create fertile ground for the development of elite corruption in Georgia. In addition, in some cases, same persons have been outlined during the survey of different sectors.

Factors causing elite corruption in the environmental field are as follows: Improper planning and management of sectors related to utilization of natural resources; not taking into account the local traditions and specifics of the utilization of natural resources; Insufficient transparency and lack of accountability of the government; imperfect legislation and institutional arrangements, which cannot ensure elimination of conflicts of interest; one of the leading factor is the lack of political will to enforce the law and  eradicate corruption.

Survey report reviews activities conducted by the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources, selective enforcement, legislation tailored to companies, permit conditions, judicial practice and persons  involved in the corruption schemes. Significant emphasis is put on the hydropower projects, on the decision made by the Prime Minister and issue of Sakdrisi Gold Mine.

Survey report includes recommendations and measures for fighting against corruption in the mentioned sectors.


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