New Journalistic investigation

29 Jan, 2010


On November 13, in Open Society Georgia Foundation’s office Studio “Monitor” organized film show of journalistic investigation. The film concerns expenses and legitimacy of construction of president’s residence palace.

The film concerns legitimacy and expenses related to construction of president’s residence palace in Avlabari. Further the film tells us a story of one family living in the neighborhood which handed over its house to the state but during 5 years hasn’t received related compensation. The film reveals cases of breach of law committed by the staff of Tbilisi City Hall, Public register, Prosecutor’s office, Ministry of Internal Affairs and other state bodies.

The film content provoked great interest in audience. “Lawyers, journalists entered into discussion. Different opinions were expressed, including critical ones”.

“It would be better if Mayor’s representatives mentioned in film were present today, as directly involved persons in appropriation of the territory for president’s residency” – unilaterally was mentioned. Survey squad of Studio “Monitor” specified that despite numerous addresses they were unable to obtain consent on participation from Mayor’s representatives.

One of the priorities of Open Society Georgia Foundation’s Media support program is development of independent journalism. The Foundation will continue to support investigation journalism as far as the free media is a necessary precondition for development of democracy in the country. Although the opinion of foundation and the film author may split over the facts of film but when the country strives to build democracy, it is important to have contrasting opinion, ability to listen to it and conditions which ensure free expression of speech of each citizen.