New Web Portal for NGOs

15 May, 2012

On May 18, at 3:00pm Tbilisi Marriott Hotel will host the presentation of, a web portal.   The web portal was created to help public organizations exchange information, improve communication and share resources among each other.  This virtual space will give an opportunity to public representatives, international organizations and any interested person to get information about public organizations and their activities i.e. learn about our activities without spending too much time and energy. 

The concept of the web portal:

  • Modern design, minimal diversity of colors;
  • Information from diverse sources brought together in a unified way;
  • User-friendly, i.e. simple navigation structure.

Upon visiting the web portal you will get information about public organizations, their activities and their location on the satellite map.  You will also be able to see regional distribution of the organizations, get information about the networks and platforms created by them and see their publications in the electronic library. In case of need, you will be able to get consultations on not-for-profit law or learn about questions that often arise in this field.  Useful material will help any non-commercial legal entity to better run the activities of the organization and found a new public organization.  They will also have an opportunity to get information about offices of international organizations in Georgia, their programs and grant competitions.  The analytical angle of the portal offers views on ongoing processes in the country.

The portal was founded in partnership with Civil Society Institute and the Open Society Georgia Foundation.  The support for the project was also provided by the EED foundation and EU.