New Year’s Event for Children from Borderline Villages and IDP Settlement

4 Feb, 2014

The Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF) has stayed faithful to its tradition and organized New Year’s event for socially vulnerable children. The children were invited to a play and given presents as part of the event.

150 children aged 4-12 from borderline Georgian villages of Tsitelubani and Khurvaleti (Shida Kartli) as well as from the Khurvaleti IDP settlement attended the event.

The play “Four Seasons of the Year” was staged by Budrugana GagraGeorgian State Hand Shadow Theatre on December 25, in the Gori Theatre.

It should be noted that the children invited to the play are less involved in cultural life because events, especially plays are rarely held in the villages and IDPs settlements.

After the play, children were given presents – books, sweets and toys.

The event was co-organized by Biliki, a non-governmental organization operating in Gori.  The NGO has operated for several years in Shida Kartli.  It focuses on children’s education and development.